Friday, December 9, 2016

Renault Restoration (Part 1)

This week's blog is the first of two covering the restoration of a 1928 Renault poster.

I wanted to focus on the process it takes for us to restore images where large sections are missing when I realized I hadn't ever done an automobile poster before, so two birds with one stone! 

After linen backing this piece, we did the prep work. I found paper that was almost a perfect match but wasn't quite the right dimensions for the largest hole. So, I did what I call a Frankenstein patch and used two patches from the same paper for the large hole. 

Two patches from the same paper, cobbled together to make one big patch! 

The patch for the missing corner.
Gabe took over after the prep work was finished. For works such as this, where we do have a reference, he starts by taking the measurements of the poster and then printing out the reference scaled to size.

From there he begins to sketch in the lines that we need and to determine how many different colors and patterns we will need to restore. This restoration project is one of the simpler ones and will require 6 different colors to be airbrushed in. 

 Once Gabe had the image drawn, he cut the mask for the red of the truck.

Aaron then matched the color and painted in the areas that needed to be the lovely bright red.

 The next post on this poster will have photos of the progress each time we add a new mask/color.

Certain proprietary steps and procedures have been omitted. If you have any comments or ideas for things you would like to see us cover on our blog, please let us know! Additional questions regarding other work or your pieces, please contact us via email at or by phone 818.882.1214.

Also, check out our websites: and Please feel free to leave comments or questions on the blog. For daily photos and updates check out Poster Mountain's Twitter and Instagram: follow us on Twitter @postermount and Poster Mountain on Instagram. Our subsidiary company, LA Paper Group will be showcasing the fine art side of the company: @LAPaperGroup on Twitter and LAPaperGroup on Instagram.


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