Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to Poster Mountain!

Poster Mountain is an art restoration and conservation company with a focus on posters and works on paper. We are based in Los Angeles and have been open since 1996.

 We love when our clients are able to visit the studio, to see their pieces in progress and meet our team of artists, but we do have plenty of clients in other parts of the world who never get the chance to come here. So we thought we'd start this blog with an introduction.

John A. Davis is the owner of Poster Mountain. He has worked in paper conservation and restoration since 1990. He loves working on large format pieces. John enjoys the challenge and learning process that unusual pieces of art present. Poster Mountain is John's brain child. He sees its evolution and progress as his personal artistic experience. He collects posters and talented people.  

Robin Davis has been at Poster Mountain since 2005. The mounting department is her domain. Robin is also in charge of making sure all the flighty artistic types stay firmly rooted to the ground. She is also married to John.

Gabe has worked at Poster Mountain for seven years. He does a little bit of everything from prep to detail work. Unlike most of the other team members Gabe goes where he is needed, whether it is helping Robin and John mount pieces to masking for air brushing.  He is also our in-house handy man. On the weekends he likes to mix vinyl records. 

Aaron is out resident airbrush artist. He's been restoring posters since 1995. Before settling down he traveled around the country on a school bus following the Grateful Dead.

Katie is part of the restoration team. She studied art at Pratt Institute and has been restoring posters professionally since 2002. She came to Poster Mountain in 2010.

Melissa directs the restoration department. She studied art and art history at UC Davis and has been at Poster Mountain since 2008.  Her favorite projects are the oddballs.

Chelsea is the administrative master of front-end client control and general peace and well being. She handles the phones and the computer, doing everything from email to accounting and payroll. She is everyone's boss and keeps things running smoothly.  She has a performing arts degree and is thrilled to be able to work in in a creative field. She also enjoys being able to wear shorts to work.
Poster Mountain is made up of a group of talented and dedicated people who love what they do. We value each and every piece that comes to us and love them as much as their owners.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (818) 882-1214 or visit our website at

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  1. You guys are SO GREAT I miss you! I need more blog posts and photos, PRONTO!