Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Women Love Diamonds! Episode 2

Welcome back!  It's been a busy few weeks here in the studio. As you can see from the pictures above Pete and Gabe are steadily working away on some great projects. As for our leading lady, "Women Love Diamonds," she's been prepped and is ready for the next phase!
You may have noticed, there is a giant hole in the middle of our lady! Before I go any further in this saga, let me introduce the newest member to the Poster Mountain team *drum roll please* Ravi Wilkie!
Ravi is the latest artist to join the restoration team. Ravi most recently moved to California from New York where he worked as a scenic painter, illustrator, and his own art practice. His art work can be found at

 Today Ravi is sketching in the body of our lady as we start trying to reconstruct what she may have looked like in her formal glory days. We have searched the internet high and low for a reference for her but there is not one to be found. So instead we are relying on some educated work and lots of creative power to make her complete.
Ravi starts by sketching onto tracing paper so that the figure of the woman can be worked through in stages. The first stage is to establish the angles and curves of her body. Using context clues from the pieces we do have, it is possible for Ravi to start establishing the shape of her body.
John and Ravi, revise the initial shape to create a more exaggerated curve to her body, "more like a comma," John said to Ravi. Once the shape is finalized on the tracing paper, Ravi transferred the drawing onto the prepared prepared with graphite.

VIOLA! Our leading lady is beginning to take shape...