Friday, February 24, 2017

Renault Restoration (Part 2)

This is the second part of a post we put up a while ago: Renault Restoration (Part 1). Since it has been a while, let me remind you what this Renault poster looked like after it had been linen backed and before any restoration was done.

Sorry for the weird shift in colors! The photo above was taken in out photography room and the others are all taken in the restoration department, which has very different lighting.
Previously, Gabe used a reference to draw the lines of the automobile and the train behind it. The first color shot was the red of the body of the automobile.

The next steps were to paint the gray train and then the black of the cabin interior and the shadows of the automobile. (Is this a car or a truck? Being a woman who does not have a lot of car, or history of cars, knowledge, I'm just going to keep calling it an automobile. Look, I have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, cars just aren't one. Let's talk about books sometime, ok?) Anway, back to what you're actually here for:

This is the photo of the mask for the black of the cabin interior. 
 After airbrushing the black cabin interior, Gabe and the team then painted the yellow background. They were so quick that I don't have masking photos before the yellow was painted. So here's an after shot of the yellow background:

The last major area to be airbrushed was the paper color. In prep, we try to get as close to the original paper color and/or texture. Sometimes we have to make a decision whether paper color or texture is a better fit, but we had some paper that was a pretty good match for both. This makes airbrushing easier because the amount of paint that has to be used is significantly less.

Almost there! Just a few more areas to restore! 
Finally, just some small areas remained!

Gabe painting in a highlight on the edge of the automobile. 

Here is the final! (Again, sorry for the weird color shift.) From a missing chunk to a complete poster!

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