Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A quick update!

We've been busy the last month! I always have good intentions of putting up short weekly updates of what we're working on to tide you over until we have time for a longer post, however I have not lived up to my intentions. But I'm going to get better! Starting with this week.

We've had several large scale projects that we've been working on, but the most interesting and time consuming is probably a Sarah Bernhardt poster designed by Alfonse Mucha. We have done quite a few of these over the years, so we're not going to do a start to finish post. However, I will put up some process photos and eventually a final photo when we are done.

This particular poster is owned by our friends over in the UK at AntikBar. Their website is worth checking out and they recently opened up a brick and mortar shop in London, so if you're over there stop by to see what they have. And in a few months this poster will probably be available!

As John likes to say, this poster was well loved. It was mounted, but that previous backing was in just as bad a shape as the poster. Sorry, I only have a good photo of after we demounted it and then relined it so that it was stable again.  

We will have poured several hundred hours of labor and love into this poster by the end. One particular labor that is just barely visible is redrawing by hand the text at the top of the poster.

We've also begun airbrushing, starting with the leaves of the flowers.

So, that's all we've got for now! Next week we will be finishing our series on the French Cacao poster.

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