Friday, March 27, 2015

Wow, it has been a while!

We have been busy! I feel like I say that a lot, but as you can see from our lack of posts we've been too busy to write. We're hoping to fix that this summer and return to more regular postings. (Perhaps putting all of the smart phones in the shop to use as some point.) In the meantime, we have a few after photos of some of our favorite projects and some photos from around the shop!

 Crystal joined the Poster Mountain family this past fall as office manager. She has an art history degree from the University of Florida and recently moved from New York City. She got a new streamlined desk to help her in her job of keeping the rest of us on track!

We did some sprucing this summer, so the front office got a new layer of paint, new LED lights and just this week we got a lovely (and comfortable!) couch for clients to hang out on.

We also added some extra storage space to help keep everything organized, but also be able to have the cool things out on display! 

 This page is from Anthony Perkin's personal script of the movie Psycho! It was pretty badly burned, but we were able to stabilize it and reflattened all the pages (although loose leaf pages are an organizational nightmare!). Shown here is the infamous shower scene!

A few of our employees! Derry (so weird writing about myself) has worked at Poster Mountain on and off for the last few years, but will be rejoining us again full time this summer. On the right is Pete, he is our jack of all trades, but predominately takes care of masking. We also have another young man, Jairo, who wasn't here to be photographed today. 

Eric is one of our extremely talented restoration artists, who also paints his own original pieces. He is also lots of fun to sneak up on!  

This is one of our favorite travel posters that we have seen in quite some time! It also had quite a bit of damage, but has been restored to its full glory.

On the right we have Catherine, who was with the company and has known John since the early Poster Mountain days. We are thrilled to have her back. She also has an extremely charming Australian accent that adds some color to the rest of our boring accents. Aaron, generally camera shy, is hanging out in the background as he airbrushes several large posters.

And on the left is Gabe, who is another of our jack of all trades, he does restoration, masking, prep...anything and everything just about. Here he is working on a Miro print that came in a few days ago. (And I couldn't resist hamming it up a little in the background, while holding a Beatles cardboard standee we're also working on.) 

The Warhol print of Chairman Mao was one of those that made us all nervous, it had been damaged with water, but it turned out beautifully!

AND of course our intrepid leader, John Davis himself... holding a one of a kind poster that is the subject of upcoming blog posts!

We look forward to more blogs this summer, but if you have any ideas for things you would like us to write about please contact us at

If you have conservation or restoration inquiries please call (818)882-1214, email us at or visit our website