Friday, July 26, 2013

A Few Pictures from Around the Studio

I realized that once again it has been too long since we posted anything. We have a lot of projects going on right now and a few that will end up on the blog (although if there is something special you would like to see, let me know. Or better yet, send us a project for the blog!)

 However, I thought it was time to put up a short update and some pictures of everyone working. Summer is in full swing here in Southern California and we are all hot! (By the end of the day most of us are a little overheated and it brings out the goofy side. And some of us did not start out normal to begin with.)

Pictured: John threatening me with the water hose! There are moments when being sprayed with the hose sounds refreshing, but not with the camera in my hands! Apart from this being a great photo of John, it is also a good shot of Robin's wall of snipes in the background.

 John and Robin have been starting work around 6am some days, and occasionally earlier, to try to beat the heat. (Fortunately it hasn't gotten insane yet, although now that I've just made that comment I'm sure that there will be a heat wave.)

Pictured: Robin and John working on mounting a French one panel poster.

Pictured: John is a master manipulator of Mylar! (Hows that for alliteration!)

Chelsea is getting lots of visitors to the front office, where there is air conditioning and it is nice and cool.

Pictured: Chelsea working away to make sure that everything is running smoothly!

Growing up in Texas I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes every time some one says that it's hot. (I can't stop myself, however, when someone in California mentions humidity.) There is a small AC unit in the back, but there is a lot of space to cool down and it just isn't quite up to the task. On the plus side the heat is a great reason to have an ice cream bar or otter pop everyday! There are some real issues with the heat,  besides our own comfort. We have several procedures that are temperature sensitive. If the heat gets too bad we can't do some of the work. This is part of the reason that we work 7am to 3pm, to take advantage of cooler morning temperatures. 

Pictured: Junior staying close to her fan while working on a Russian poster.

Pictured: Melissa detailing a Mexican movie poster. How about that green hat of the woman on the right. Who wouldn't want to rock that?!

Pictured: Katie taking the masking off of a crate label after airbrushing.

Pictured: Aaron matching his work on this vividly blue Disney attraction poster.
So what you can't see in these photos, because (let's be real) they aren't particularly photogenic so I tried not to get too many of them in the shots, are all of the fans we have going in the shop. There are about a dozen or so fans placed strategically around the studio to help keep all of us cool.

Pictured: Gabe is the man behind our famously sturdy packages!

Pictured: Katie working on a 007 poster.

Pictured: Here Aaron is airbrushing a piece of fine art!

Pictured: Melissa also working on a fine art print. Bonus points for guessing the artist with limited visuals available!

Pictured: John snagged the camera to take a picture of me, representing my home state!

So the main focus of this post seemed to be that it is hot! (Why are we surprised you might ask. It is after all summer!) However, we are fortunate to love what we do and to enjoy coming into work everyday despite the heat. Stay tuned to see what other projects we have been working on this summer!